Deakin is ranked among the Top 1% of Universities worldwide – June 2018

ShanghaiRankings World University Rankings 2018

Deakin University in Melbourn has the reputation for being innovative and visionary. VIRTUOSO is supporting its views in general and more specifically related to the “CRITICAL THINKING” pattern, as a key factor to success.

Critical thinking is essential to analyse a situation or a problem, identify causal relationships and generate an optimal solution.
If the alternative is disaster … you need to embrace change ! Failure is an option here, and it’s very important to have a feedback loop where you are constantly thinking about what you have done and how you could be doing it better ”.

If you agree with this,VIRTUOSO is ready to adapt properly the way of going through this exercise together with you … don’t hesitate to contact us. VIRTUOSO cvba will be proud to be your “Critical Thinking” Consultant. No process but finality !